2012 Forum

Admiralty - Furuno Hellas s.a. - technical Forum - 2012

ADMIRALTY TECHNICAL Forum Wednesday, 7th November 2012, Athenaeum InterContinental Hotel, 15:00 - 15:45 hrs
"How do you know you can trust your ECDIS?"

In this period of transition to digital navigation, it is vital that NAVIGATORs can have complete confidence in the accuracy, consistency and reliability of their ECDIS and the data it contains. In this special workshop addressing the issues that you must consider when choosing your ECDIS and ENC supplier, Admiralty experts will provide insight into the questions to ask, covering subjects such as the key role of official data, quality assurance, coverage, updates, training, product range, customer support, guidance in making the transition and more. It is your opportunity to set your mind at rest regarding the future of navigation for your ship or your fleet.
FURUNO HELLAS S.A. Technical Forum
Wednesday, 7th November 2012, Athenaeum InterContinental Hotel, 16:00 - 16:45 hrs

"NAVSKILLS" & "NAVSKILLS CAT", FURUNO's answer towards quality training solution.

NavSkillsT is a training solution offered to nautical academies and to ship owners who plan to conduct their own training of deck officers. NavSkillsT provides a training environment that enables you to offer navigation training from day one.
The NavSkillsT concept is based on training expertise achieved by FURUNO INS Training Center since 2005 and it is designed to comply with selected IMO Model Courses. The NavSkillsT training solutions are turnkey training solutions that include provision of a full-mission simulator with a navigation bridge fitted with genuine FURUNO navigation equipment, education of your instructors, training materials and update service, refresher training of your instructors and much more. - They are more than just a simulator.

FURUNO NavSkills CAT (Computer Aided Training) training solution is the subscription-based service package dedicated for ship owners, who are looking to incorporate type specific ECDIS training for models FEA-2107/FEA-2807 and FMD-3200/FMD-3300 into the in-house training scheme for their own NAVIGATORs, hence making FURUNO type specific ECDIS training more cost-effective and accessible. Once signed up for NavSkills CAT service subscription and set up the NavSkills CAT workstation delivered, FURUNO type specific ECDIS training is readily available.


- Capt. Spyros Dovelos, Business Development Manager of FURUNO HELLAS S.A.
- Capt. Ioannis G. Giannopoulos, Owner & Managing Director of GMC Maritime Training Center, Piraeus

Capt. Ioannis G. Giannopoulos is the Owner & Managing Director of GMC Maritime Training Center in Piraeus, with 10 year background in shipping. Former DPA/CSO/Port Captain, with expertise in QHSE projects, being a leading asset in ISM,ISPS,ISO 9001-14001-18001 audits and with more than 3000 teaching hours on ISM/ISPS/ISO/Risk Assessment/Incident Investigation courses. Ioannis holds a MSc in Shipping and he is also a PhDc at Panteion University of Athens. He is the Author of Financial Management in Shipping which is an educational book for all Nationals Merchant Marine Academies of Greece
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