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ADMIRALTY Workshop, Implementing your ECDIS procedures

ADMIRALTY Workshop "Implementing your ECDIS procedures" Athenaeum InterContinental Hotel , Wednesday 20th November 2013, 16:00 - 17:00, Athenaeum Ballroom I
  The United Kingdom Hydrographic Office is committed to the safe and efficient adoption of ECDIS in accordance with SOLAS requirements. It is apparent the shipping industry requires clear unambiguous guidance for the transition from traditional to digital navigation. The UKHO will be providing a workshop following the NAVIGATOR Forum to provide guidance for the development of ECDIS operating procedures into the on board safety management system as required by international regulations and the International Safety Management (ISM) code. The workshop will benefit any person involved with the shipping industry including, managers, owners, ship personnel, regulators and auditors. The UKHO has been charting the world's oceans for more than 200 years and continues to set the global standard for navigational data. Under the ADMIRALTY brand, the UKHO produces a worldwide series of some 3,300 paper nautical charts, 160 publications and - through the world's most chosen ENC service, ADMIRALTY Vector Chart Service (AVCS) - Electronic Navigational Charts (ENCs). The ADMIRALTY portfolio is sold globally and used by nearly 70% of international shipping.

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